A nine-month program to help you find clarity and joy, as you infuse more of yourself into your motherhood

Hello, my friend. I'm so glad you're here!

If you're anything like me, you know you fiercely love your children, but you aren't sure you love motherhood all the time.

You may go through your days feeling a little bit (or a lot) burned out and lost. 

I have been there, and I want to help!

I'm Rachel, mom of two miracles and host of the podcast 3 in 30 Takeaways for Moms.

When I became a mom through adoption and IVF, I expected to love every minute of it. I was devastated to find myself feeling completely lost and unseen in my new role. I went to years of therapy to rediscover who I am and how I can bring the best of myself into my daily life as a mother. I started my podcast to share what I was learning, and it is my mission to help every woman know that she deserves to be deeply fulfilled in every stage of her motherhood.

What I've Learned

Over the past four years, I've recorded over 200 episodes and spoken with dozens of experts on parenting and self-development.  

All along the way, I've been asking myself, “What are the common threads between these experts' work? Are there core principles that could help any woman create a motherhood experience that fills her with daily joy?”
After years of work, I have distilled the best of what I've learned into a 9-part framework for self-assured motherhood:

Introducing the Self-Assured Motherhood Program

The framework for self-assured motherhood is the basis for my new nine-month program!

  • Each month, we will explore one area of the framework and create a concrete action plan for how YOU can implement it into your life.

  • Each week, we will meet on Zoom for a live class with actionable takeaways, group discussions, and time for Q&A.

  • At the end of each month, you will complete an optional "capstone" assignment to solidify what you learned and make it actionable for your life. (So you are DOING, not just learning.)

What Makes This Program Special?

My three-pillar approach will help you expand and implement each part of the Self-Assured Motherhood framework.

  • Expert Mentoring

    After interviewing almost 200 experts for my podcast, I have curated the very best advice to teach you about each monthly topic. Each topic will have both masterclasses and Q&A sessions giving you the opportunity to learn, implement and refine.

  • Meaningful Community

    In order to make big changes in your life, you need to be lifted up by women who believe in you AND who are on the same path as you. Our weekly Zoom calls will be a lifeline of support and friendship, as we all learn from each other.

  • Gentle Accountability

    When you set aside time and space for your personal development, you will feel an entirely new level of accountability for making real changes in your life. Together, we will set goals that we will track and discuss as a group. No guilt, only support.

What You Will Gain

How will your life look different 9 months from today?

  • You will go through your days feeling more confident and clear.

  • You will delight more fully in your children.

  • You will have a new group of trusted friends who support you.

  • Your life will feel intentional instead of chaotic.

  • You will be choosing your life every day.

Don't Just Take My Word For It

Read What Other Moms Like You Think of This Program

Not Just Thinking and Wishing, you’re DOING!

by Jackie - Mom of 3

"The thing that has helped the most about this program has honestly been the accountability. It’s easy to listen to podcasts and books and just think of all the things you could do to change. But being in a group with such a good mentor, a group of moms all in it together, the weekly calls, and simple homework makes it so you’re not just thinking and wishing...you’re DOING!"

Highly Recommend to Any Mom

by Christy - Mom of 5

"Rachel is a master at breaking down content into bite-sized, actionable pieces. Joining her program has given me the time–and better yet the permission–to focus on ME, MY LIFE, MY MOTHERING. It is helping me focus on the woman I want to become and giving me tools to build her up."

One of the Best Decisions I Have Made

by Shelly - Mom of 5

"I now have so many more tools to get me through many of life's obstacles and to give myself the acceptance I need and the reassurance that things will just keep getting better. I can't tell you how many of the things I have learned in the group have immediately come up in conversations with my friends and family, so I can help others to view things differently too. This program is definitely something you won't want to miss. Your heart and mind both need it, I promise!"

Weekly Insight Direct from Rachel

by Sarah - Mom of 5

“If you are a regular listener to Rachel’s podcast, you will love joining her program. Whenever I listen 3 in 30, I always crave more insight and depth from Rachel. That is just one of the benefits of being a part of this program! You get weekly insight directly from her and a chance to share what you’re learning with other moms who are working on growing like you are."

Pricing Options

Investing in support and education is such a strength. I'm proud of you.

BONUS #1: Declutter Your Motherhood Workshop Included, FREE!

Every member of Self-Assured Motherhood is invited to a private Declutter Your Motherhood virtual workshop on Saturday, November 13th 11:00 - 2:00 MST. (Replay available if you can't attend live.)

This signature workshop will lay the foundation for the following 9 months of the program.

This is a $199 value included for FREE!

BONUS #2: One-on-one Call with Rachel

  • What You Get

    With your purchase of Self-Assured Motherhood, you will get a 15-minute private coaching call with me, for FREE, to use at some point during the 9 months.

  • When to Use It

    Over the duration of this 9 month program, you may encounter a principle that is particularly hard for you. If you are seeking extra guidance, you will be able to schedule your call with me during one of my available slots.

  • Why it Matters

    Having support as you make big changes in your life is so important. I want to be there for you. This will be a time for me to cheer you on and dive deeper into the topics of the course.

What You'll Learn

  1. 1
    • Welcome Message from Rachel!

    • Meet Your Instructors

    • Important Program Info

    • Technology Instructions

    • [ACTION NEEDED!] Welcome Survey

    • [ACTION NEEDED!] Self-Assured Motherhood Framework Pre-Assessment

    • FAQ

    • Terms of Use

    • Masterclass Replay - 9 Pillars of Self-Assured Motherhood

  2. 2
    • SAM Self-Evaluation

    • Venn Diagram

    • Declutter Your Motherhood Workbook

    • Voice Your Values + List of Values Worksheet

  3. 3
    • This foundational workshop will introduce our first three topics: Voice your Values, Celebrate your Strengths, Study your Story.

    • REPLAY: Kickoff Meeting (11/10/21)

    • REPLAY: Declutter your Motherhood Workshop (11/13/21)

    • REPLAY: Declutter Your Motherhood Workshop Part 3 (11/17/21)

    • REPLAY: November Q&A (11/24/21)

  4. 4
    • This month, you will learn how to define what is uniquely important to you and build a family life based around that.

    • REPLAY: Voice Your Values (12/1/21)

    • Weekly Live Lesson (12/8/21)

    • Weekly Live Lesson (12/15/21)

    • No Weekly Live Lesson - Break for the Holidays! (12/22/21)

    • Weekly Live Lesson (12/29/21)

    • Submit your questions for December Q&A!

  5. 5
    • This month, you will explore and honor your past, while consciously choosing and envisioning your future.

    • Weekly Live Lesson (1/5/22)

    • Weekly Live Lesson (1/12/22)

    • Weekly Live Lesson (1/19/22)

    • Weekly Live Lesson (1/26/22)

    • Submit your questions for January Q&A!

  6. 6
    • This month, you will define your boundaries and learn strategies to communicate them in a loving, respectful way.

    • Weekly Live Lesson (2/2/22)

    • Weekly Live Lesson (2/9/22)

    • Weekly Live Lesson (2/16/22)

    • Weekly Live Lesson (2/23/22)

    • Submit your questions for February Q&A!

  7. 7
    • What to Expect in this Module - This month, we will focus on creating routines around your physical care (eating, sleeping, exercising, resting) and your emotional care (therapy, hobbies, friendships, spirituality, and more).

    • Weekly Live Lesson (3/2/22)

    • Weekly Live Lesson (3/9/22)

    • Weekly Live Lesson (3/16/22)

    • Weekly Live Lesson (3/23/22)

    • Weekly Live Lesson (3/30/22)

    • Submit your questions for March Q&A!

  8. 8
    • This month, you will discover and concretely define your unique life's purpose, and we will explore how to weave into everything you do–in every season and role you take on– in order to feel more joy and fulfillment.

    • Weekly Live Lesson (4/6/22)

    • Weekly Live Lesson (4/13/22)

    • Weekly Live Lesson (4/20/22)

    • Weekly Live Lesson (4/27/22)

    • Submit your questions for April Q&A!

  9. 9
    • This month, you will learn how to stop yelling and start connecting with the people you love through emotion-coaching and more!

    • Weekly Live Lesson (5/4/22)

    • Weekly Live Lesson (5/11/22)

    • Weekly Live Lesson (5/18/22)

    • Weekly Live Lesson (5/25/22)

    • Submit your questions for May Q&A!

  10. 10
    • This month, you will learn how to focus on the positive within your motherhood and other relationships, so you can change your perspective and live with more joy.

    • Weekly Live Meeting (6/1/22)

    • Weekly Live Meeting (6/8/22)

    • Weekly Live Meeting (6/15/22)

    • Weekly Live Meeting (6/22/22)

    • Weekly Live Meeting (6/29/22)

    • Submit your questions for June Q&A!

  11. 11
    • This month, we will explore how to access resources and emotional stamina to support our people with whatever struggles they are facing.

    • Weekly Live Lesson (7/6/22)

    • Weekly Live Lesson (7/13/22)

    • Weekly Live Lesson (7/20/22)

    • Weekly Live Lesson (7/27/22)

    • Submit your questions for July Q&A!


  • When are the weekly Zoom calls?

    Every Wednesday at 12:30pm MST. While I would love for you to join live as often as you can, each lesson will be recorded and the replay will be posted to the course library, as well as on a private podcast feed so you can listen on-the-go. You do not have to attend live to get the full value out of the program.

  • How much time is required each week?

    You will need about 90 minutes per week: One hour for the weekly call and 30 minutes for homework to implement what you learned.

  • Will I get my individual questions answered?

    Yes! Q&A sessions are built into the curriculum and we will discuss them every other week. Each member will have the opportunity to submit their questions to Rachel, as well as get input from the community.

  • Is this only for mothers of young children?

    No! This program is for moms of all ages who want to reclaim their joy and start living with more clarity and intention. This program is more about YOU than it is about your children (though your children of any age will definitely benefit from having a more self-assured mom!).

  • Will this program be offered again?

    Hopefully! But it's impossible to say for sure, especially because Rachel hopes to do IVF and have another baby in 2022. If you are interested in the program, NOW is the time to join.

  • Will I get lost in a sea of hundreds of women in this program?

    No! We expect to have less than 50 women in the program, and you will get to know Rachel and the other women well throughout the 9 months. This is likely the last small-group program Rachel will offer before expanding the program in future years, so now is a great time to join if you prefer more personalized attention.

  • Can I join the Program for just a few months?

    This program is designed to be a small group of women who get to know each other well. In order to build trust and connection, it's important not to have women coming in and out of the program. That said, we want you to feel confident about your investment, so we are allowing the month of November to be a paid trial. If this interests you, choose the $129/month option. If you decide to cancel, do so before December 5th, and your card will not be charged for your second month of membership.

  • Is the curriculum religious?

    No, this program is not expressly religious. Women of all beliefs and backgrounds are welcome! In our group discussions, you may talk about your personal beliefs as they relate to your understanding of the topics and always with respect for others.

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Pricing Options

Investing in support and education is such a strength. I'm proud of you.

I Hope to See You Inside the Program!

If you need help deciding if this is right for you, click here and send me an email. I am happy to answer any of your questions!